Adatvédelem mindenkinek / Data protection for everyone

The interpretation of the right of access in the practice of the Hungarian DPA

2019. szeptember 16. 08:00 - poklaszlo

The right of access is an important guarantee in the GDPR to ensure the transparency of data processing for data subjects. However, it is an open question to what extent this right can be exercised. In the past months, several interpretations became available, mostly from German data protection…


Can blockchain technology be GDPR-compliant?

2019. szeptember 03. 09:00 - poklaszlo

Study on the relationship between blockchain technology and the GDPR

The European Parliament published a study that examines whether distributed ledgers can be squared with European data protection law. The study consists three main parts: (i) it discusses blockchain technology and the tensions between the use of such technology and the GDPR, (ii) it explores the…


Drones and data protection

2019. június 28. 13:00 - poklaszlo

There are several legal aspects related to the use of drones, including a number of data protection issues. Although no comprehensive legislation has been enacted so far in Hungary, the Hungarian Data Protection Authority (Hungarian DPA) has, similarly to other data protection authorities,…


Data processing in the context of a contract

2019. január 21. 11:00 - poklaszlo

GDPR provides various legal basis for data processing activities, including consent, legitimate interest, mandatory processing. One option is the legal basis that can be applicable to contractual relationships. According to the Preamble to the Regulation:  Processing should be lawful where it is…